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Born in Laval in Mayenne, she pursues her childhood passion for theatre - and this magic that is created when there is an encounter - with a degree in performing arts in Rennes then a master's degree in staging and scenography in Bordeaux. Afterwards, there are no more borders: a jump in Belgium then she rushes to Canada, first to Quebec where she is a scenographer there and then to British Columbia. This last home port, she has been there for 3 years and intends to take root there a little. Mom, cultural ambassador in a French school, author, artist and sometimes at night, she sleeps.

Harmonie has her hands in all kinds of artistic projects, with one key word, all the same: to create life, by provoking encounters. Theatre, puppets, shadows, writing, illustration, painting, collage: she falls in love with each medium that allows her to achieve this goal. And since there are as many encounters as there are days, people, situations and breezes in the air, she is not ready to stop! Her public: a vague silhouette and a heart inside.

Lauch Book

"The Little Princess"
in library and bookstores near you





Lauch Book 

The Little Princesse who didn't like dresses


You couldn't be present at this event ? We are not resentful, here is the photo gallery !


" Our guest, on May 13, will be Harmonie Garry, visual artist of poetry Trotte-tête – Scenographer – Cultural ambassador in schools
She will present her universe to us through two creations:
– An illustrated and bilingual book for children entitled “The little princess who did not like dresses. »
– The serial triptych of the crazy story of Littles Dudes and imaginary jobs. (Watercolor, Paper cut, Collages and light boxes)

To understand this triptych, she will suggest you take part in the game that inspired the entire Littles Dudes project. Let's play ! "


Presse Kit

To receive a press kit of the book The Little Princess who didn't like dresses, please email with the subject line "Press kit"

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