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What better friend than the alphabet?

The Little Princess who didn't like dresses

Water colour, Ink, Paper cut

Illustrated book for children from 3 to 10 years old.


To the tune of nowhere and anytime, a little Princess battles the world for the right to wear what she likes, when she wants.

Come and discover the wonderful adventure of The Little Princess who didn't like Dresses, a children's book that gently and humorously addresses the subjects of free will, and self-discovery through well-being and adventure.

All illustrations are handmade and suitable for ages 3-10.
Each word is meant to be read aloud, with the expressions of your choice. You can also discover together the pleasure of playing with words, in two different languages!

And don't forget the surprise in the middle of the book …!


 • Le Voyage sans retour

Description coming soon

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Pûpya - Le roi du debout

French short novel for adults

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