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What better friend than the alphabet?

The little Princess who didn't like dresses

A bilingual illustrated children's book on socio-emotional learning of free will

To the tune of nowhere and at any time, a little Princess finds herself confronted with the problem of maintaining her status as a princess, by dressing as such. Being a young princess, the dress is required, even when it's time to climb trees or jump in puddles. But the little Princess is rebelling against the dress rules and decides to reveal her character through mischievous tricks and thus, perhaps, change the dress rules.

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Pupÿa - Le Roi du Debout

Short story - Adults

To give oneself a chance to hear, see, and cherish what one hasn't had the opportunity to know is to allow time to heal wounds. Through this short form, the author contains their emotions by entrusting them to the paper.


Once this final page is turned, mourning will have run its course, and life, once again, will be able to flourish."

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